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1 months

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Private classes

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2 lessons a week

Private classes


Our Vocabulary Boost English Course is designed to help students improve their vocabulary skills and expand their word knowledge. This course is ideal for individuals who want to enhance their English language abilities for academic, professional, or personal reasons. In this course, students will be exposed to a wide range of vocabulary words through various engaging activities and exercises. Our experienced instructors will guide students in learning new words, understanding their meanings, and using them appropriately in different contexts. The course curriculum focuses on both general and specialized vocabulary, catering to the specific needs and interests of the students. Students will learn words related to various topics such as technology, business, travel, and more. They will also explore idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs to further enrich their language skills. To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, our Vocabulary Boost English Course incorporates a variety of teaching methods and resources. Students will engage in interactive exercises, group discussions, and role-plays to practice and reinforce their vocabulary skills. They will also have access to online platforms and multimedia resources to further enhance their learning outside the classroom. Throughout the course, students will receive personalized feedback and guidance from our instructors. They will have ample opportunities to ask questions, clarify doubts, and actively participate in class activities to maximize their learning outcomes. By the end of the Vocabulary Boost English Course, students can expect to have significantly expanded their vocabulary repertoire. They will feel more confident in expressing themselves in English and will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of settings.

face-to-face class

SMALL Group classes

Diploma Shark English achievement

This course is aimed at a multiple expansion of pronunciation. It will clarify your speech, teach you how to link words in the sentence. This course is suitable for those whose pronunciation makes their life difficult and stands on the way to clear and easygoing communication. Probably you have recently moved to an English speaking country or your professional purposes have changed and you need to get better pronunciation as soon as possible. Here we will reveal all the secrets of tongue and mouth position, how to say each single sound properly.

Grammar Strike
Shark Business English

You've already learnt how to speak, calmly watch videos in English, but still, instead of a clear structure and understanding of the words order in a sentence or a passive voice, it’s just a mess in your head! Then this course is for you! Everything will fall into place and understanding will come smoothly and gradually. In this course there will be no tables or banal things that can be easily found on the first page of Google search. This is a detailed structure based on the perception of the material through audio, video and application in practice.

travel with confidence 


Shark is travelling to English speaking countries
Express course for travelling 

Includes the most important things for traveling:

  • make an order

  • understand basic questions

  • check in/ check out of the hotel 

  • food, drinks, routine lists

  • time and direction

  • buy a trip

  • talking to locals

  • useful vocabulary for the airport

FCE practice exam
IELTS exam preparation
If you dream of applying abroad, working in a foreign company, or if you need documentary evidence of your knowledge of the English language, then passing the EXAM is simply irreplaceable!
At SPEAK SHARK ACADEMY you will find a preparation program for all the Cambridge exams and IELTS.
All the best preparation materials are included in the cost of training and you have unlimited access. The price and duration of the course is selected individually for each student after free testing of your skills. 
For the students of our academy tests preparation comes with
25% discount.
Shark's preparing for an English Exam
Cambridge English Advanced
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Group classes
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Shark playfull learning



Shark hard training




Central European time (CET)

Documents, books, video, performance table and tests are included

1 months


2 lessons a week

Group classes

2 months


2 lessons a week

Group classes

Each student has detailed report

This performance table provides a clear overview of each student's performance in different areas, allowing for easy comparison and identification of strengths and areas for improvement. 

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“Valeria is an amazing and professional teacher, I really enjoyed her classes ;).......she is timely and accurate, she has a pedagogical and fun approach to teach English. Lessons are always interesting, with a lot of speaking, listening and writing practice........I can say that she is competent and friendly in teaching, she truly can lead you to become fluent in English......Highly recommend Valeria :)!!"

Bojan, Croatia

"Here I found an amazing and professional teacher, I really enjoyed the classes. I successfully passed my IELTS exam. I'm truly thankful to this academy for a very good preparation of educational materials. Moreover, all the lessons were fun and engaging.
By the way, I keep using Speak Shark Academy for my speaking practice! I love this place and teachers"

Carolina, poland

“If you are looking for a teacher who is competent, patient, helpful and above all able to mobilize to learn, then you do not have to look further. Contact Speak Shark Academy and if you are lucky, they will find a place in a group for you (I succeeded, so why would not you).”

1000+ satisfied students

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